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Apprentice Ellie Kerns' Painting

In the Fall I am an Adjunct Faculty instructor at Boston University for the class, Anatomy and Figure Drawing, which meets twice a week and focuses on learning and drawing the useful landmarks one needs to know to draw the human figure convincingly. BU will offer it again in the FALL of 2016.

APPRENTICES: I currently have two artists working with me in my studio, and have no room for more. "Apprenticeship" involves rigorous training and skill development in drawing and painting from life (usually taking 2 to 3 years), along with development of professional skills and vision. Look at my various student's work alongside this page to see some of the work they've done and some of the assignments I've given. Cost is currently $125 per meeting (usually a little more than an hour, which does not include studio space). Some students like one meeting per week, beginners often choose two to develop quickly. If you are interested in apprenticeship with me, we would have to work a  time and place for the training to occur, whether subletting in my studio building or at a student's own studio space.  Contact me at ed.stitt010@gmail.com.